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ScienCell 研究实验室(ScienCell)是一家生物技术公司,其使命是实验和治疗用细胞和细胞相关产品的研究和发展。 ScienCell为研究界提供各种高质量的正常的人类和动物细胞,细胞培养基和试剂,培养基添加因子,细胞来源的RNA,cDNA和蛋白质。ScienCell的科学家们以改善生活质量,实现细胞的能力,打击人类退化性疾病为目的研究和开发各种细胞治疗策略。ScienCell总部设在美国加利福尼亚州圣地亚哥,公司成立于1999年。

ScienCell Research Laboratories (ScienCell) is a biotechnology company whose mission is the research and development of cell and cell-related products for experimental and therapeutic use. The ScienCell technology provides a variety of high quality normal human and animal cells, cell culture media and reagents, medium supplements, cell-derived RNA, cDNA and proteins for the research community. Scientists at ScienCell are also studying and developing cell therapeutic strategies that will significantly improve the quality of life by achieving the cell's ability to combat human degenerative disorders. We are based in San Diego, California and were established in 1999.

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