961802 Adhesive Sealing Film, Teflon®, Round Well, Scored Round analytical-sales


96VL05 0.5mL Flat Bottom Clear Glass Inserts in Vial Loader Each analytical-sales

961802 Adhesive Sealing Film, Teflon®, Round Well, Scored Round analytical-sales

96965 Replacement Rubber Mats for 96-Well Block Assemblies 25/pk analytical-sales

13258 Parylene Encapsulated Stainless Steel Cylinder Stir Bars for Photoredox and Parallel Synthesis 96- and 24-Well Block Systems.\n1.98 mm diameter x 4.80 mm length EA analytical-sales

24017 24-Well Aluminum Reaction Block for 17mm OD (2 Dram) Vials. Includes: Base Plate, Cover, Screws, PFA Film and 2 Rubber Mats. Vials not included. EA analytical-sales

24015 24 x 4mL Aluminum Multi-well Reaction Block (for 1 Dram Vials) Each analytical-sales

266540 SLAS Thermal Transfer Deck + Each analytical-sales

20276 Beta-Amyloid (1-42) 1mg Anaspec

NES3600 Nestlets by Ancare巢料片 3600片/case ancare

AL-113 Rat and Mouse AMH ELISA 96t anshlabs

15-234-0001 Centromere Protein 1mL Antibodies

15-235-0001 Anti-Centromere Protein Antibody 1ml Antibodiesinc

15-235-F Centromere Protein - FITC Labeled 1mL Antibodiesinc

111120 Anti E.Coli OmpA Antibody 100ug antibodyresearch

AG100 Titanium Abdominal Groove kit apjtrading

MRI-R100 MRI Compatible Dorsal Kit With Replaceable Glass Slip kit apjtrading

BC100 Titanium Brain Kit KIT apjtrading

GL100 #1Microscope Glass Slips 12 mm Diameter 1oz apjtrading

MRI-AG100 MRI Compatible Abdominal Groove with Replaceable Glass Slip ea apjtrading

SC100 Small Stainless Steel Screw ea apjtrading

NT100 Small Stainless Steel Nut ea apjtrading

SM100 Small Dorsal KIT kit apjtrading

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