SCT011 LuminiCell Tracker 670-细胞标记试剂盒


LuminiCell Tracker 670-细胞标记试剂盒

Biocompatible organic fluorescent nanoparticles (AIEDots) that can be used to label cells for long term cell tracking and cell tracing in vitro and in vivo experiments.

荧光探针和量子点的长期无创细胞跟踪对于生命科学和生物医学工程具有重要意义。当前用于荧光标记细胞的方法受到信号持续时间短,背景自发荧光高或使用GFP进行长时间分子克隆操作的限制。LuminiCell Trackers<TMSYMBOL></TMSYMBOL> 是基于聚集诱导发射技术的生物相容性有机荧光纳米颗粒,称为AIEDots。聚集诱导发射(AIE)分子以与其他常见荧光团(量子点,GFP)相反的方式发射荧光。螺旋桨形的AIE荧光剂在溶液中不发射,但在聚集体形成时变为高荧光。由于这些差异,LuminiCell Trackers<TMSYMBOL></TMSYMBOL> 具有非常高的荧光强度,并且信号猝灭最小,从而可以在体外长达10天,在体内长达21天进行活细胞荧光标记。这些特性使其成为长间隔活细胞生物成像实验的最佳候选者。

Luminicell Tracker<TMSYMBOL></TMSYMBOL>-670 细胞标记试剂盒包含带有TAT序列的红色荧光AIEDot纳米颗粒。这些纳米颗粒可用于荧光标记细胞,以进行长期的细胞追踪和追踪实验。

LuminiCell Tracker 540- Vascular Labeling Kit

Biocompatible organic fluorescent nanoparticles (AIEDots) that can be used to fluorescently tag vasculature in living tissues and animals for studies of inflammation and vascular leakage.

Long-term noninvasive cell tracking by fluorescent probes and quantum dots is of great importance to life science and biomedical engineering. Current methods used to fluorescently tag cells have been limited by short signal duration, high background auto-fluorescence or lengthy molecular cloning manipulations using GFP. LuminiCell Trackers<TMSYMBOL></TMSYMBOL> are biocompatible organic fluorescent nanoparticles based on Aggregation Induced Emission technology, termed AIEDots. Aggregation induced emission (AIE) molecules emit fluorescence in an opposite manner than other common fluorophores (Quantum Dots, GFP). Propeller-shaped AIE fluorogens are non-emissive in solutions but become highly fluorescent upon aggregate formation. Due to these differences, LuminiCell Trackers<TMSYMBOL></TMSYMBOL> have very high fluorescence intensities with minimal signal quenching allowing live cell fluorescent tagging for up to 10 days in vitro and 21 days in vivo. These properties make them optimal candidates for long interval live cell bioimaging experiments.

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